What These People Who Got The Death Penalty Said Before They Died Will Surprise You

Death is the most frightening thing on Earth. Despite what anybody says, everybody is afraid of it. It’s your last moment on Earth; the last breath you will ever take. You will cease to exist once you die. As humans, we wouldn’t wish death upon anybody. Well, there are a few exceptions. When you have people who are sadistic enough to the point that they pose a greater danger to society than they do a benefit, then they just don’t deserve the life they are so lucky to have. Criminals who have murdered many people, committed many crimes and created nightmares for other families┬ámay, depending upon your perspective, deserve the death penalty.

It is said that people are the most honest when they stand in the face of death. After all, what do they have to lose? But in the case of prisoners facing the death penalty, the most popular choice of words have always been “I’m innocent!”, regardless of whether or not they truly are. Seeing that it is too late to plead their innocence, these death row inmates decided to leave the world with some original last words. Here’s what they said: