These Amazing Thrift Shop Finds Made Their Owners Rich

Next time you’re browsing your local thrift shop for cheap kitchenware or tacky paintings, keep an extra eye out for anything that looks out of place. For the people on this list, their chance purchases at Goodwills, garage sales and flea markets wound up being the best investments of their lives when they realized they had happened upon pieces of history. In and amongst the tattered copies of Left Behind, the board games with half the pieces missing and the combat boots with holes in the toes may lie genuine treasure.


 10. LeCoultre Deep Pockets

Zach Norris (who has been confirmed as not Action Bronson) went into a Phoenix Goodwill looking for a golf bag. What he found instead was this watch. He recognized the brand name, LeCoultre, and bought it for six dollars. Turns out it was a vintage 1959 LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm, which he sold online this year for $35,000. That money can buy a lot of golf bags.