The 11 Biggest ‘Sellout’ Moves In Sports History

Sports fans, are you watching what is happening?! The past few weeks have been ridiculous as far as players breaking allegiances and destroying their cities. But is this really a new precedent? Professional sports have always been about the financial bottom line, and it’s often difficult for us fans to accept the fact that our favorite players could be sent away at a moment’s notice.

With the signing of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors, conversations about loyalty in sports are reinvigorated. Is KD’s move the worst “sellout” play in sports history? Let’s examine some comparable examples.

1. Wayne Gretzky to Los Angeles

Previous city: Edmonton

New city: Los Angeles

‘The Great One’ earned 4 Stanley Cup titles for the Edmonton Oilers and became an officer of the Order of Canada.

After winning the fourth title in 1988, Gretzky learned the Oilers had plans to trade him. On August 9th, the team officially moved the legend to the LA Kings in a multi-player trade that earned them $15 million cash.

The city of Edmonton was shattered, with fans feeling the organization had sold them out. Wayne would become the leading scorer in NHL history, but would not win another Stanley Cup title.