The 15 Most Scandalous Political Affairs

Political Affairs - Anthony Weiner

Politicians are held to a higher standard of conduct than pretty much anyone in the country, perhaps besides clergy. But it’s too straight and narrow a road for some politicians to walk. These political affairs made headlines when news of them broke, and continue to serve as cautionary tales for anyone who would take public office.

Anthony Weiner committed one of the face-palmingest career gaffes in the history of Washington. A congressman at the time, with big dreams of becoming the mayor of New York City, Weiner was incautious when it came to his extramarital activities.

He tried to DM a lewd photo to his mistress on Twitter in 2011, but accidentally tweeted it to all his followers. He tried to play it off like his account was hacked but  eventually came clean to the affair. He quit his job, disgraced, though he did join the race for mayor of NYC. Six months after the incident, he and his wife Huma had their first baby.