14 Places You Are Forbidden From Visiting

It is remarkable that people can still keep secrets in this time of hyper-connectivity. Nevertheless, the world still has many closed (and locked) doors. The places on this list are kept exclusive by design, and contain everything from wealthy elitists to alien remains. Or so they claim. If you’re traveling anywhere close by, don’t include these spots on your itinerary. A visit could come at an extremely high price, whether literally or figuratively.


14. Area 51

At this point, Area 51 is so notorious that it almost doesn’t matter what actually goes on there. This section of the Edwards Air Force Base about 100 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada is shrouded in secrecy. It is allegedly one of the sites where UFO debris from the Roswell crash were taken for examination and storage. Military officials were also rumored to have had contact there with actual living aliens, and oversaw programs to develop time travel, teleportation and weather control technologies. The actual reality is probably just that it’s a development and testing area for experimental aircraft.